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Governments Complicit in Virus[?] UPDATE

This seems just a little suspicious to me...
US Government files for a patent on Swine Flu Virus in 2005?

"US Patent Application 20090010962 " -
Genetically Engineered Swine Influenza Virus and Uses Thereof"

“The present invention relates, in general, to attenuated swine influenza viruses having an impaired ability to antagonize the cellular interferon (IFN) response, and the use of such attenuated viruses in vaccine and pharmaceutical formulations. In particular, the invention relates to attenuated swine influenza viruses having modifications to a swine NS1 gene that diminish or eliminate the ability of the NS1 gene product to antagonize the cellular IFN response. These viruses replicate in vivo, but demonstrate decreased replication, virulence and increased attenuation, and therefore are well suited for use in live virus vaccines, and pharmaceutical formulations”
For those who enjoy science there's these quotes...

"The three parents of the virus may have bee…