Friday, January 29, 2010

New World Order:Destroying Capitalism

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Smoke and Mirrors in the Halls of DeCeit;While The Beat goes On

While there was no "You Lie" hurled at the 'Fresh Prince of Thin Air'
Justice Alito of SCOTUS pronounced an Imperial Spin as 'Not True'

It is also "demogoguery of the worst kind... 

Where have the Statesmen Gone[?]

Neither Party finds or promotes those with this character trait.

This was another missed opportunity to show leadership in response to what the vast majority citizens have called for. The term Public Service; BO is fond of using that; conveys an image of SERVING the PUBLIC by being responsive... especially in matters of domestic policy. Thus in grading on a 'curve' the President gets an F until and unless he drops his Marxist/Sal Alinsky ... Dream

AP Fact Check on the long winded propaganda HERE:

Below is a contextualized summary of the 'lecture' and BO's past year
Morning Bell: A Speech Only Washington Could Love

Posted January 28th, 2010 

The more things change, the more things stay the same. A little over a year ago, President Barack Obama came to office expecting to pass a “big bang” of policy changes all in the first year: health care, cap-and-trade, and banking regulation. With the big-bang strategy officially a failure, President Obama’s State of the Union address last night desperately tried to keep all of these legislative efforts alive while also acknowledging that the country has firmly rejected his policy agenda.

The result was an incoherent mess of promised tax cuts for small businesses coupled with the threat of tax hikes from his health care and energy proposals; more federal money to encourage banks to lend to businesses, coupled with new taxes on banks and individuals; the continued waste of his $862 billion stimulus plan and $2 trillion in new health care spending, coupled with a delayed and temporary spending freeze. As one of the longest State of the Unions in the past 45 years, we cannot cover everything here. But our crack team of Heritage experts did hit almost every issue last night, and you can read their full reactions here

Highlights include:

The New Hire Tax Credit

The tax credit for new hires is another recycled idea from Washington. Last tried in the 1970s, the tax credit proved to be a windfall for big businesses that were planning to hire anyway. Small businesses, the engine of job growth, did not use the tax credit largely because they were unaware of it and did not understand how to take advantage of the credit. The jobs tax credit proposal will likely also delay hiring since businesses that understand the tax credit now face an incentive to postpone hiring decisions to take advantage of the tax credit. Extending the Bush tax cuts and undoing the heavy taxes in the health care legislation is a better step to job creation than this tax credit.

The Bank Tax

President Obama tonight called for a new tax on banks and other large financial institutions, “a modest fee,” he said, “to pay back the taxpayers who rescued them in their time of need.” That sounds great, but in truth, the new tax would do nothing of the kind. Mr. Obama knows that almost every major bank has paid-back their bailout funds, with interest. Taxpayers made substantial profits on those repayments. On the other hand, most of the companies that still owe billions to taxpayers, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and auto firms GM and Chrysler, would not be subject to the tax. In short, Mr. Obama would tax those that have paid back taxpayers and exempt those who have not.

The Spending Freeze

Obama’s spending freeze would apply to a narrow sliver of spending (somewhere around 1/8th of total spending) and at best, savings would be less than one percent of the total budget. Moreover, it explicitly exempts the very entitlement programs driving future deficits. At a time when the deficit is $1.4 trillion and we face a sea of even worse red ink as far as the eye can see, such a freeze is tantamount to bailing out – forgive the double entendre – the Titanic with a dixie cup. And it would start next year, conveniently after the elections. Freezing spending is the right idea, but this freeze falls short of real action.

Energy Production

His calls for new nuclear power, offshore oil and gas exploration, and other new energy technologies are certainly welcome. The problem is that his program of subsidies, special tax treatment, and government support will not work. While government programs can create jobs in specific sectors, the President ignores the evidence that these programs end up killing more jobs than they create. Spain has already gone down this road, and its experience should give the President caution. Between 2000 and 2008, the Spanish government spent $36 billion in taxpayers’ money on wind, solar and mini-hydro development. Each green job created cost on average $758,471.

Foreign Policy

Many around the world have expressed concern that a U.S. administration so focused on domestic priorities and troubles as the current one will be too inward-looking to be deeply engaged in the world. Judging by its placement in his list of priorities, foreign affairs did seem like an afterthought, briefly addressed. In Afghanistan, allied nations are hardly coming together to support the President’s surge — indeed French President Nicolas Sarkozy very publicly stated this week that he would not be contributing any more troops to the endeavor, this on the eve of the Afghanistan conference in London.

And the fight on terrorism has not, as stated, been advanced by the Obama administration — quite the reverse as the nation has become more vulnerable. Nor has the administration distinguished itself by its support for human rights in Iran — in fact it missed a critical moment to get involved during last summer’s uprisings against the Iranian regime. As for the President’s aspiration to control nuclear materials around the world, a goal to be reached through an international conference — that horse left the barn a long time ago.

In “Government’s End,” Jonathan Rauch writes: “Economic thinkers have recognized for generations that every person has two ways to become wealthier. One is to produce more, the other is to capture more of what others produce. Washington looks increasingly like a public-works jobs program for lawyers and lobbyists, a profit center for professionals who are in business for themselves.” From complicated new tax credits that small business owners don’t have the time or expertise to take advantage of, to new energy, financial and trade regulations that only large corporations have the lawyers and lobbyists to take advantage of, every policy proposal in Obama’s speech last night is a boon for the lawyer/lobbyist economy in Washington and a hindrance to wealth-creating Americans everywhere.

This was a speech only the entrenched interests in Washington could love.
According to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll, only 29% of U.S. voters now say the country is heading in the right direction, the lowest level of voter confidence in the nation’s current course so far this year. Despite President Obama’s supposed spending freeze, the federal government expects to add more government jobs.

Imagine That, gotta help those job numbers while growing Govt...

While Globalists tighten their Grip BO's only answer is More of Me

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Can The World Trust WHO?

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WHO Advisor Secretly Pads Pockets with Big Pharma Money
In Finland, sits a state employee researcher with a problem.

It did begin well. This year Professor Juhani Eskolas vaccine research program got 47 million dollars for research into pneumococcal vaccine from the danish medical manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline. The largest single contribution the professor's institution has received in 2009.

But then came the press, and then came the Finnish Minister of Health with wagging fingers, and now sits Finnish professor suddenly in a national conflict of interest.

Juhani Eskola is also an advisor to WHO's so-called SAGE group.
And it means something when you get 47 million dollars of industry. And he do not disclose it.

Since November, the danish newspaper Information described seven WHO experts who have either secondary job as consultants for the pharmaceutical industry or get their research funded by the pharmaceutical industry. The same experts who counseled the WHO General Margaret Chan as she 11th June this year declared that the world stood in the middle of an H1N1 pandemic. Immediately a long series of dormant contracts between member countries and pharmaceutical companies went into force. Production of vaccines to 55 billion kroner (around 1 billion dollar) started.

But when the person shouting "alarm", also has economic interests in emergency preparedness, the public should know.

No human is immune. Nor are scientists who say they are.

On the contrary, numerous studies show that scientists, doctors and healthcare professionals are affected by pharmaceutical companies' influence. According to Glasgow University's Robertson Center for Biostatistics uses pharmaceutical industry average of 800,000 dollars a year on direct marketing per doctor. Therefore appeal the international NGO, NoFreeLunch, all in the health service to submit a credible promise to withstand extensive pharmaceutical industry marketing. When the marketing goes from being a cup with a logo or a golf tour to be 47 million dollars to the Foundation, you work for , may require a man to resist the messages that come with the amount from danish GlaxoSmithKline. Since danish GlaxoSmithKline today is a supplier of the vaccine Pandemrix in the Finnish population, the story of the secret million payment created furor in Finland. There is no proven link between GlaxoSmithKline's research and the choice of the same company as the supplier of H1N1 vaccine.

But the point is that we can not know.

Then arises the next problem in the wake of the Finnish researcher conflicts of interest, namely the lack of transparency in the WHO. Today danish newspaper Information brings the story of WHO's secret advisory committee, called the Emergency Committee, where 18 members names, background and work is completely hidden.

This secret committee reports directly to Secretary-General Margaret Chan, and therefore they were like SAGE group to decide when pandemic preparedness to enter into force.

According to WHO, the Committee is secret because experts could then come under pressure.

It creates two new problems.

Firstly, we do not recognize who actually advises world health most powerful person.

Second is the logical consequence of the argument that the rest of the WHO teams need experience to be under pressure when they make decisions.

Openness is the basis for democratic governance.

The public should know how the political decisions develop. We know from studies that lack of transparency is proportional to a high level of corruption. And it is logical that public confidence in governments and public institutions is falling in line with revelations of corruption and concealment of information.

On 7 April 1948 WHO was created to ensure international public health. WHO was created to prevent illness and save lives, and all knowledge of the international community that can contribute to the aim must be desirable. But WHO's work is dependent on governments and people trust their recommendations. And confidence to the people who are employed by WHO, acting in the public health, and only the interest of public health.

Informations relating to the worlds citizens, life and health should be freely available, like the names of all the stakeholders that affect WHO's decisions should be published. To assure the highest integrity, and hence public confidence, in its activities, WHO policies require that all experts serving in an advisory role agree to disclose any circumstances which could give rise to a potential conflict of interest (i.e., any interest which may affect, or may reasonably be perceived to affect, the expert's objectivity and independence).

A Finnish professors problem becomes our problem until governments require that WHO fully reveals the experts they hired, the decisions that are taken and the arguments behind those decisions.

Above text was published Dec. 10 2009
[is translated] and originally released
in a Danish newspaper.
Several other WHO experts also have
financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Penetration Even At The Pentagon

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 Muslim Spies Setting Muslim Policy


Posted 12/17/2009 07:34 PM ET

IBD Special Series:
Jihadist 5th Column: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

The internal threat from Muslim extremists in the military extends to high-level Defense Department aides who have undermined military policy. In fact, one top Muslim adviser pushed out an intelligence analyst who warned of the sudden jihad syndrome that led to the Fort Hood terrorist attack.

An honored guest of the Ramadan dinner at the Pentagon this September was Hesham Islam, who infiltrated the highest echelons of the Ring despite proven ties to U.S. terror front groups and a shady past in his native Egypt.

As senior adviser for international affairs to former deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, Islam ran interference for the Islamic Society of North America and other radical fronts for the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood, the subject of my new book "Muslim Mafia."

For example, Islam persuaded brass to sack a Pentagon analyst, Stephen Coughlin, after he advised cutting off outreach to ISNA, which he accurately ID'd as part of a covert terror-support network in the U.S. — something the Justice Department recently confirmed in a major terror finance trial.

Islam invited ISNA officials to lunch with the avuncular England, known by insiders as Gullible Gordon, who in turn spoke at ISNA confabs. Islam also helped set up a Pentagon job booth at one recent ISNA convention to recruit Muslim chaplains and linguists.

Most disturbing, Islam met regularly with Saudi and other embassy officials lobbying for the release and repatriation of their citizens held at Gitmo. He in turn advised England, who authorized the release of dozens of Gitmo detainees. Some have resumed terrorist activities.

No one really knew who Islam was when he was promoted — in fact, the Pentagon removed his bio from its Web site after reporters noted major inconsistencies in it — yet he was allowed to get inside the office of the Pentagon's No. 2 official.

"In effect," a senior U.S. Army intelligence official told me, "we've got terrorist supporters calling the shots on our policies toward Muslims from the highest levels."

Meanwhile, politically incorrect prophets like Coughlin have been frozen out. After the betrayal at Fort Hood, the military could use his analysis of Islamic doctrine more than ever.

This ongoing scenario of PC
drives me looney-tunes...
Does the Trojan Horse compare?
At least BO dialed up a 'cruise'
for Yemen's al-Qaeda homey's!!
I'm betting the House of Saud
requested and covered the tab
for 'The 72 Virgins Club Travel Agency'