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Nuclear Powered Disputes

Like a slow train rumbling into a station to deliver passenger's and cargo, the arrival of new atom powered civilizations (although some are not civil) was not unexpected.

The Manhattan Project delivered our world into the era of WMD. Given the nature of humans it was simply a matter of time before our planet would be testing and targeting incredibly lethal fission and fusion warheads. What does the near future hold as unregenerate humanity continues to war against itself, internally and externally? Before you allow fear to dictate remember God is never surprised. The following excerpt from the fine folks at Stratfor is worthy of your perusal.

The North Korean Nuclear Test and Geopolitical Reality

By Nathan Hughes
courtesy of Stratfor

North Korea tested a nuclear device for the second time in two and a half years May 25. Although North Korea’s nuclear weapons program continues to be a work in progress, the event is inherently significant. North Korea has carried out the only two nucle…

Clashing Cultures

In a different type of culture clash,
Americans are in the midst of a revolution.

Not the shooting kind but an ideological struggle.

Do we maintain societal norms (i.e. ideals) or to cast them off,
embracing a "laissez-faire" approach towards sexual expression.

I believe the latter would open a Pandora’s Box exposing
our children to various ‘lifestyle choices’ prior to an ability
to process or understand the ramifications of said lifestyle.

Kids observe and will ask questions to learn, but forcing this
on them in grade school makes as much sense as trying to teach
them how to drive before they mature. What’s the agenda?

It is clear we have ample gender confusion, no more is needed.

Are cars more important than their mind and body?
Simply stated, it’s an adult lifestyle choice, let kids be kids.

Given the all too typical programming on TV these 'daze', there
is more than enough exposure to sex present. This has been the norm for years with a consequence of such 'entertainmen…

One Civilization Clashing

While my guitar is gently weeping, western civilization goes on sleeping.

Seemingly oblivious we are being targeted; on ethnic, political, financial, legal, and military fronts. The conquest of Britain is all but over. Immigration and birth rates make it readily apparent to all with eyes to see: the distinct lack of cultural integration screams to all with ears to hear... Islam is marching west.

Some believe there are training camps on US soil now.

Meanwhile closer than you might think, there has been an overlooked problem.

Patrick Poole A native born Hilliard resident has experienced a (non-violent) 'hometown Jihad' with a neighbor named Dr Salah Sultan president of the American Center for Islamic Research (ACIR).
(similar spelling to CAIR).

This non-profit organization is registered in Ohio and located in Hilliard. On his website, he asserts that the main purpose of the ACIR is to "serve Allah in the best way possible through the principles laid out in the Quran and Sunnah,…

Warriors in the Conflict of Cultures

As a child 'Decoration Day' was much anticpated not for the correct reason of rightly honoring our nation's warriors, but rather because it heralded the coming summer break from school. As I grew and became more interested and appreciative of history, I became aware of significance in the tradition of placing small US flags to decorate graves which far exceeded my childish understanding. Liberty and Freedom are a legacy we in America have been blessed with despite our often limited realization of it's genesis. Human history illustrates that we have inherited a broken, fallen nature in conflict with itself and often at war with others. Education, while beneficial to raising standards of living, has failed to provide the means of living to a higher standard.

War has become more sophisticated but it's goal is unchanged.

At the heart of clashing cultures are warriors dedicated to their mission. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate this holiday remember our warriors…

The White Horse - Jihad in the Neighborhood

They rode in on a Trojan Horse named Heroin
by: William E. Blackburn,
copyright 2001

A river of opium has flowed through the streets of America; mountains of heroin still stand as a financial monument to terrorist activities.

It goes without saying that the dastardly attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon has caused immeasurable suffering. People from all over the world have rallied and united together to fight against this terrorism. Our nation’s law enforcement agencies have come together like never before, and while I do have some reservations regarding civil liberties and individual freedom I can’t help but appreciate the need for increased security. Perhaps as a side effect, these increased security measures will dry-up a great deal of the drug activity that has waged a ruthless war here in the streets of America. It has become quite clear that these extremists, these terrorists have financed many of their activities through a network of drug dealers that span across all …

"UN-acceptable Censorship"

An ominous initiative that has been discussed many times here -- the UN's efforts to silence those who call attention to the ways in which Islamic jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify their actions and make recruits -- got attention in, of all places, the New York Daily News!!
The United Nations tries to outlaw criticism of Islam

Floyd Abrams writing for the Daily News, January 14:

Almost 500 years ago, on the wall of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses, characterizing as "madness" the notion that papal pardons could absolve individuals for their sins. As viewed from Rome, Luther had maligned, even defamed, the church. Luther was eventually excommunicated. His conduct ultimately led to the creation of a Protestant Church in Germany and a Reformation throughout Europe.

It is difficult to believe that in the 21st century anyone would seriously propose that conduct such as Lu…

Jihadism 2009 and Beyond

By: Fred Burton and Scott Stewart
courtesy of Stratfor:

For the past several years, we have published an annual forecast for al Qaeda and the jihadist movement. Since the January 2006 forecast, we have focused heavily on the devolution of jihadism from a phenomenon focused primarily on al Qaeda the group to one based primarily on al Qaeda the movement. Last year, we argued that al Qaeda was struggling to remain relevant and that al Qaeda prime had been marginalized in the physical battlefield. This marginalization of al Qaeda prime had caused that group to forfeit its position at the vanguard of the physical jihad, though it remained deeply involved in the leadership of the ideological battle.

As a quick reminder, Stratfor views what most people refer to as “al Qaeda” as a global jihadist network rather than a monolithic entity. This network consists of three distinct entities. The first is a core vanguard, which we frequently refer to as al Qaeda prime, comprising Osama bin Laden and hi…