The White Horse - Jihad in the Neighborhood

They rode in on a Trojan Horse named Heroin

by: William E. Blackburn,
copyright 2001

A river of opium has flowed through the streets of America; mountains of heroin still stand as a financial monument to terrorist activities.

It goes without saying that the dastardly attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon has caused immeasurable suffering. People from all over the world have rallied and united together to fight against this terrorism. Our nation’s law enforcement agencies have come together like never before, and while I do have some reservations regarding civil liberties and individual freedom I can’t help but appreciate the need for increased security. Perhaps as a side effect, these increased security measures will dry-up a great deal of the drug activity that has waged a ruthless war here in the streets of America. It has become quite clear that these extremists, these terrorists have financed many of their activities through a network of drug dealers that span across all the continents of the world.

For every sorrowful heroin or cocaine addict that lives on the outskirts of self-destruction, there is a small victory if not financial gain to these dark souls that rape and terrorize the spirit of humanity. Every bag of purchased heroin is a seed for these monsters to reign more terror upon the world, not to mention the diminished spirit and lost lives of our own citizens. I have seen the face of this drug beast from close up. It is cunning and powerful – it is a force of darkness that wants the heart and mind of every youth in America, if not the entire world. I saw it just yesterday, in the eyes of a teen-ager whose smile and vacant stare seems to justify an unproductive and apathetic existence. I saw the result of its’ dastardly ways in the eyes of a mother who lost her child to a drug overdose. I’ve traveled with this beast into the depths of hell where I saw many children hiding in the shadows for just one more fix, one more high that would make their world go away.

I found my way out of this hell some fifteen years ago, but for the grace of God I have not closed my eyes to many other victims who continuously fall prey to the wares of darkness. No one is safe from this drug beast, it has spread to every community in the United States – even those small farming communities who used to pride themselves as being “out of the mainstream”. Nobody, anywhere is immune to the temptation of heroin and similar drugs – especially school-age kids. The numbers of teens going into treatment for opiate addiction is staggering, but what’s worse is the numbers of teenagers who are still actively using drugs on a daily basis, and those who will never make it into treatment. One could quote government statistics to endear an argument that drugs have become the largest catastrophe of modern day, but those numbers cannot adequately portray the social consequences and personal tragedy that has besieged countless families and the loved ones affected by this beast.

Apathy in America has allowed these terrorists free reign to attack the very lifeblood of America – our youth! It is outrageous that these terrorists have financed ‘training camps of murder’ through selling drugs on our streets. I say it is now time to stand up and fight back with the same fury that any parent would display if their children were about to be murdered – because in every sense of the word, they are being murdered. If not their body, then their spirit and soul. It has become very clear that government alone cannot win this fight against foreign and domestic terror. Now is the time to say no to drugs! Now is the time to send a clear message to drug dealers. “You are no longer going to use our children to finance some third world terrorist training camp or other organization! My neighbors and I will be in your face 24/7 until you either shrivel up and go away – or grow up!” Wouldn’t it be nice to see many of these “domestic terrorists” also hightail it to the caves?

There are many (less passive) things that an individual can do to help put an end to this domestic reign of terrorism known as the drug trade. There is a mindset throughout this country that associates any citizen who speaks out against this evil, as being a “rat.” Rat’s as we are called become the target of threats, intimidation if not murder to silence opposition to the network of terror known as the drug trade. I therefore propose and rally for a “rat brigade” the likes of which have never been seen before. A Rat Brigade composed of all people who are sick and tired of being terrorized by marauding groups of vacant souls; vacant souls that work diligently to rape the heart and soul of America for sake of greenbacks. It is time to say “NO!” with as much fiery enthusiasm as a bear would give to protect her cubs.

These foreign and domestic terrorists have breached our country’s security by riding on a Trojan horse named Heroin. I say it is time to dismantle this horse once and for all! It is time for every citizen to make a strong stand; to send a strong message to drug cartels and dealers alike – we’re not going to tolerate your raping our sons and daughters with chemicals anymore than we’re going to tolerate you’re cowardly terrorists attacks against humanity. The only difference between a massive bio-chemical attack and our current problem of drug abuse is the time factor involved in killing its’ victims! The former is a relatively quick death as opposed to a more widespread torturous death. The perpetrators, as well as the end result bear the same mark of the beast.

A mind-set is subject to change! Just as a mutant rat can become a television hero to many teenagers, so a “rat-brigade” can turn the tide to wash away the flood of drugs that currently plague this country, or the world for that matter. We have the power, knowledge, and innovation to completely dismantle this Trojan horse, but do we have the will to completely eradicate this evil that seeds our country with attrition? It is time to do more than “just say no!” To paraphrase the words of one courageous American on United Airlines Flight 93 – I say, “Let’s roll!”

William E. Blackburn
Copyright: October 5th 2001

This essay highlights the nature of our enemy as well as ourself

We must wake up and fight back by ALL means necessary.....

Time is short, eternity is long, life & liberty is fragile....

We must be strong.

"We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."
{ - John Adams - 1798 - Address to the Military - }
''I do not reject peace, but I am afraid of war disguised as peace.''
{- Cicero 43 B.C. -}


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