Warriors in the Conflict of Cultures

As a child 'Decoration Day' was much anticpated not for the correct reason of rightly honoring our nation's warriors, but rather because it heralded the coming summer break from school. As I grew and became more interested and appreciative of history, I became aware of significance in the tradition of placing small US flags to decorate graves which far exceeded my childish understanding. Liberty and Freedom are a legacy we in America have been blessed with despite our often limited realization of it's genesis. Human history illustrates that we have inherited a broken, fallen nature in conflict with itself and often at war with others. Education, while beneficial to raising standards of living, has failed to provide the means of living to a higher standard.

War has become more sophisticated but it's goal is unchanged.

At the heart of clashing cultures are warriors dedicated to their mission. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate this holiday remember our warriors.They stand and fall in service to American Ideals and the preservation of Liberty. Over the years more than forty two million American men and women have served their country in time of war. More than a million have secured this blessing of liberty with their lives, from Bunker Hill to Baghdad.

We MUST remember Freedom is not FREE.

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