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Obama - The 'Rest of the Story'

The election of an African-American President with an Arab name, will alter the tenor of all our foreign policy.

My deepest concerns
are rooted in the likelyhood we haven't seen the real BO yet.

What can be known
is still being discovered. Some of what we think we know is untrue.

Despite our national reasons
for electing this truly brilliant(but masked)man we as a nation will be subjected to the 'fallout'.

I implore you ALL
to spend time reading all you can find about this next president of ours. Knowledge of the truths of 'Who He Is' and what he believes will serve us in understanding how he will govern.

I sincerely hope
you will begin the quest for truth via the links provided.
It's excellent journalism as well as an accurate account of history.
{Kudos to by mcauleysworld}

Part 1 Factual Family Story!,
Part 2 The Hawaii Years!

Part 3 The Hawaii Years Obama Sr!
Part 4 Parents Meet!

"Once abolish the God, and the government becomes the God."
-- G …

Stratfor Spells it Out!

Obama’s Challenge

November 5, 2008

By George Friedman
The 2008 U.S. Presidential Race

Barack Obama has been elected president of the United States by a large majority in the Electoral College. The Democrats have dramatically increased their control of Congress, increasing the number of seats they hold in the House of Representatives and moving close to the point where — with a few Republican defections — they can have filibuster-proof control of the Senate. Given the age of some Supreme Court justices, Obama might well have the opportunity to appoint at least one and possibly two new justices. He will begin as one of the most powerful presidents in a long while.

Truly extraordinary were the celebrations held around the world upon Obama’s victory. They affirm the global expectations Obama has raised — and reveal that the United States must be more important to Europeans than the latter like to admit.
(We can’t imagine late-night vigils in the United States over a French election.)

Obama is …

Victory in Iraq Day

It's OVER, the war the left despised as Bush's 'lies' is over!
The war that was said to be for oil, revenge and a host of other vicious distortions is being declared over. Not by the President, for he has discontinued any effort to be the point man for the country. It has not nor will be declared over by the President-elect for he was ardently against it (to the point of claiming it was a mistake). Neither will the media declare it over unless and until they can find a way to claim credit for it. If you expect the remaining few terrorists (I refuse to label them insurgents) to surrender forget itLogic and Reasoning demonstrate that by any objective measure the war is over, and our side won!  The valiant warriors deposed a tyrant (to the gallows), defeated in brutal combat ALL enemies and suppressed all enemy combatants or militias (thanks to Gen. Petraeus) and helped to establish a functioning democratically elected government. It is up to the Iraqi's now.The time …