Obama - The 'Rest of the Story'

The election of an African-American President with an Arab name, will alter the tenor of all our foreign policy.

My deepest concerns
are rooted in the likelyhood we haven't seen the real BO yet.

What can be known
is still being discovered. Some of what we think we know is untrue.

Despite our national reasons
for electing this truly brilliant(but masked)man we as a nation will be subjected to the 'fallout'.

I implore you ALL
to spend time reading all you can find about this next president of ours. Knowledge of the truths of 'Who He Is' and what he believes will serve us in understanding how he will govern.

I sincerely hope
you will begin the quest for truth via the links provided.
It's excellent journalism as well as an accurate account of history.
{Kudos to by mcauleysworld}

Part 1 Factual Family Story!,
Part 2 The Hawaii Years!

Part 3 The Hawaii Years Obama Sr!
Part 4 Parents Meet!

"Once abolish the God, and the government becomes the God."
-- G K Chesterton --
"Life without liberty is like a body without spirit."
{- Kahlil Gibran-}
''I do not reject peace, but I am afraid of war disguised as peace.''
{- Cicero 43 B.C. -}


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