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Who is Driving Obama's Honduran Policy

The Americas Report
Oct 29, 2009
By Nicole Ferrand

The Obama Administration made serious mistakes in its handling of the crisis in Honduras where it supports the return of the deposed president, Mel Zelaya.

The Administration categorized the removal of Zelaya as a coup when, in fact, the Honduran military has had no role in governing the country. The Honduran Congress and Supreme Court abided by their Constitution and rule of law and ousted Zelaya because he had violated the law. As a result, the crisis in Honduras today is almost unmanageable. So what does this behavior reveal about Mr. Obama's respect for the separation of powers, as Mary Anastasia O' Grady from the Wall Street Journal accurately points out, that he would instruct Secretary of State Clinton to punish an independent court because it did not issue the ruling he wanted?

Is the administration forcing Honduras to violate its own laws?

It astonishes legal experts and independent observers that President Obama, Secr…

Homegrown Jihad-UPDATE

Detroit: Center of Recession and Revolution

Mosques & Islamic Centers serve as Jihad training centers

By Douglas J. Hagmann,
Director of Northeast Intelligence Network

29 October 2009: A 45 page federal complaint unsealed Wednesday (PDF), the raid on a Detroit warehouse and Detroit area residences, the shootout between mosque leader Luqman Ameen ABDULLAH, a/k/a Christopher THOMAS and law enforcement officials should be sufficient verification of the validity of our previously published investigative and surveillance findings that Islamic terror training is taking place on America soil.

On Wednesday, federal, state and local law enforcement officials raided a suburban Detroit warehouse and at least three Detroit area residences after a federal complaint was unsealed charging eleven-(11) individuals with a variety of crimes relating to Islamic terrorism. During the raid at the warehouse, ABDULLAH, 53, a “homegrown” Black Muslim terrorist and mosque leader fired on authorities as they …

Chris Matthews a 'Cosmic Intervention' ??

Well add Chris Matthews to the list of media types asking
to see original long form certified birth certificate proof
of Obama's citizenship... Start HERE:

Honolulu (pre-scrub) WEB ARCHIVE HERE:

A Patriot Posted This: It is worthy your perusal and PRAYER!!

Iran - Deceptions and Strategy

Despite evidence the Iranians have been hiding their nuclear pursuits and lying about it, strategy to counter the threat posed to the gulf region is slow in coming. The recent missile tests are illustrative of Iranian deception. The missiles test fired during the recent maneuvers reached a range of 3000 kilometers as opposed to the announced range of the missile. A shorter range was announced to hide the fact that it could reach several European countries with a nuclear warhead. Their new missile is a two-stage solid fuel missile which increases the range and reliability of the weapon. The missile is produced by the Industrial Group of Aerospace in the Khojair region east of Tehma. Other solid fuel missiles are produced by the Bakeri Industrial Group. Revolutionary Guards Corps Air Force commander, Pasdar Salami falsely claimed that these missiles are no threat to Iran’s neighbors. Then he said,
“the message of this maneuver for those greedy countries that intend to evoke horror is th…