Victory in Iraq Day

, the war the left despised as Bush's 'lies' is over!
The war that was said to be for oil, revenge and a host of other vicious distortions is being declared over.

Not by the President, for he has discontinued any effort to be the point man for the country. It has not nor will be declared over by the President-elect for he was ardently against it (to the point of claiming it was a mistake). Neither will the media declare it over unless and until they can find a way to claim credit for it. If you expect the remaining few terrorists (I refuse to label them insurgents) to surrender forget it

Logic and Reasoning demonstrate that by any objective measure the war is over, and our side won!  The valiant warriors deposed a tyrant (to the gallows), defeated in brutal combat ALL enemies and suppressed all enemy combatants or militias (thanks to Gen. Petraeus) and helped to establish a functioning democratically elected government. It is up to the Iraqi's now.

The time has come to acknowledge the facts and declare once and for ALL time:We Won The War in Iraq!

Due to the fact no one but we the people will proclaim it for our gallant troops I hereby declare an online victory celebration that begins today - Nov. 22, 2008 - Victory in Iraq Day -

Complete with a virtual ticker-tape parade:

Thank God for our warriors!   Join the celebration!




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