Cartels Clashing in The Americas

While President Obama is half a world away attempting to mitigate an ancient conflict with oratorical skill and prowess, revolution is brewing on our continent.

This Americas Report, published by Center for Security Policy, details the players past and present in the ongoing struggle against liberty and life as we know it.

"President Woodrow Wilson was very concerned about developments in Mexico during the Mexican revolution early in the 20th century. Order and stability in Mexico were crucial to U.S. policy makers. Today, the challenge is even more serious as drug cartels and terrorist groups are far more sophisticated".

The Americas Report
May 17, 2009
By Luis Fleischman

Versión en Español

When President Barack Obama was criticized for his over friendly interaction with Hugo Chavez during the Summit of the Americas, he responded by saying that the U.S. has nothing to fear from a country that has an economy six hundred times smaller than ours.

This curious remark by our President brings another logical question to mind: how big is Al Qaeda's economy in comparison to ours? It is likely that Al Qaeda's assets are substantially smaller than oil-rich Venezuela's. Likewise, Iran's economy is not comparable to the American economy, even in a time of recession and economic crisis.

It is then logical to ask whether national or regional security is endangered in relation to economic capability or in an era of asymmetric wars. Does a country or an entity need to be economically or (even militarily) superior to those who oppose it in order to generate a situation of instability and threat?

Israel struggles mightily to defend it's people from terror.
Given the size and scope of our southern border we must be about prevention NOW!


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