The Revolution comes Full Circle

An Ayatollah becomes the Shah?

Quoting then (not-yet-Ayatollah) Hojatol-Islam Seyed Ali Khamanei, the current Supreme Leader at a speech in Qom: “The Shah was guilty of this: He said it’s my word, not the nation’s. Today anyone who repeats this behavior, it not acceptable; he is condemnable.”

“Once illiteracy, poverty, hunger, oppression and inequality are
wiped away from society, the revolution will have been successful.”

As the world views this hypocrisy there is dissension in the mullocracy. Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani has been in Qom meeting with Grand Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri who has stated this election is fraudelent.

Ayatollah Khamanei Condemns Himself in word and deed!
Will 'The Assembly of Experts' dispose of Khamanei?
The existence of Iran's Reformist Movement depends on it.

Fearful rulers attempt to control with Fear…
Faith is the antithesis to Fear
Faith is only as strong as the object of the faith

Truth is powerful-lies are as quicksand…

The degree of deceit illustrates depth of depravity…


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