Iran Shouts - Stand by Me

Despite threats of execution by radical mullahs an estimated 5000 Iranians joined in orderly peaceful protest through Teheran to an area near Qoba Mosque in a show of solidarity and to honor Mohammed Behesthi, a cleric killed in a bombing 28 years ago today.

Mousavi had called on his supporters to participate and he made a "drive-by" appearance to the crowd but did not address them. This demonstration was the first in a number of days and reports filtering out have been scarce due to heavy electronic jamming.

CNN reports former parliament speaker Mehdi Karroubi, arrived at the mosque Sunday evening. Although Ayatollah Khamenei allowed this march "for the pious", to presume a change of heart or tactics by the regime is unsubstantiated.

The Iranian government has been arresting wounded protesters in hospitals and British Foreign Secretary David Miliband protested the arrest of embassy staff as "harassment and intimidation of a kind which is quite unacceptable." "About nine" staffers have been affected, he said, although some have already been released. "We have protested in strong terms directly to the Iranian authorities about the arrests that took place yesterday," while there has been no official response these actions are seen as further attempts to blame the social upheaval on foreign sources.  

Two British Diplomats were expelled from Iran last week which prompted reciprocal action  from London. Casting blame seems disingenuous when beatings and perhaps even torture are being perpetrated by the regime in desperate attempts to secure "evidence" of outside orchestration.

Meanwhile hackers are coming to the aid of the Iranian protesters by attacking websites of the regime and setting up secure networks by hosting proxies outside the nation. While western governments are mostly supporting with words, musician and bandleader Jon Bon Jovi along with Iranian Superstar Andy Madadian went into an LA recording with Richie Sambora to record "Stand By Me" as a musical message of global solidarity in both English and Farsi. This will likely become a theme song of the besieged Iranian people.

-- Pray for Peace --
Vigil for Martyrs:

Dick Morris has a plausible strategy for squeezing Iran.
Does BO have the guts?

"One specific step that could send just the right message to Iran is to cut back its gasoline supplies. Despite having the world’s second largest reserves of oil, Iran must import 40% of its gasoline because of a lack of refining capacity. Most of its refined gasoline comes from the Jamnagar Refinery, operated and owned by Reliance Industries, an Indian company. And guess who has guaranteed a $500 million loan to expand this refinery? You did. The American taxpayer, through the Export-Import Bank provided the loan guarantees as part of a $900 million package to Reliance."


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