Dust in the Wind of Egypt

Being a thinking conservative, I find it invaluable to read what people say rather than simply listen to it. Perhaps it stems from my hobby as a writer, or a love for reading.

Regardless it serves my intellect well in a quest to understand. Thus I refused to watch or listen to others elaborate on what the President said, or how well he said it. The speech was well written and impressive in seeking to speak directly to Muslims.

The President offered a “new beginning” between Islam and America to replace the years of suspicion and discord. Portraying the relationship in the past as “defined” by our differences” he pointed to that paradigm as empowering those who sow hate.

A key theme that ran throughout the speech hinged on the word relationship. The President spoke of past and present relationships both personal and national. As in any relationship the word implies mutually agreed interaction. Agreement is easier to write about and discuss than to accomplish, such is the nature of humans. Even with the pledge of vast sums of aid, money can’t buy love or deliver change. That is above his pay grade.

The Islamic world is now challenged to discuss this overture and come to the table of peaceful co-existence.

Although Obama missed the mark on a couple of fronts (Iran, Hamas, Gitmo) I Pray that multitudes of Muslims are open to the truths of this speech. This will help prevent manipulation by those with the least to lose, giving real peace a chance.


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