Violence and Pressure Builds

Iranian speaker of parliament has condemned an attack on university students which was reported to be carried out by Islamic militia and police. Speaker Ali Larijani was quoted by ISNA:

"What does it mean that in the middle of the night students are attacked in their dormitory?”

"The Interior Ministry is responsible for this and should answer for it ... parliament is seriously following the issue"

While he did not elaborate on who executed the attacks, students blamed members of the religious Basij militia and plainclothes police. Basij is a volunteer paramilitary force loyal to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Mousavi, who spoke prior to the shooting, also condemned the attack.

"They have attacked dormitories and brutally broken legs, heads, arms and threw some of the students out of the windows and arrested a lot of people,"

Thousands of Mousavi supporters marched on Iran’s state run television station. The protest march was peaceful despite being in defiance of an official ban. Meanwhile Iranian President Ahmadinejad has left the country for meetings in Russia.

Despite an official ban on foreign journalist reporting or filming it is becoming apparent pressure has penetrated the Iranian government. What is uncertain is what this will mean for the election outcome. It also presents a few questions to my mind.
Is Mousavi simply a ploy to permit the appearance of Iranian government responding to 'the will of the people' or is this evidence of a major divide within the Theocracy? Do the mullahs recognize the potential of ongoing violence which could culminate in another revolution or has opposition to staus quo within it's ranks reached a tipping point? Has the Theocracy been informed their military and police favor the reformist agenda or is it they trust no one? There are many unanswered questions, but sometimes questions can reveal truths.

Twitter vids:
Garbage men against ‘Ima-NutJob’

Basij Compund riot yesterday:


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