Election in Iran - A Push to Reform

(image - Al Jazeera)

Iranian elections are seldom harbingers of national change but this one could prove to be very different. Despite warnings and threats, reformists are working and praying for a revolution.

My expectations are;

If unrestricted will be massive. As far as I know ACORN does not ‘organize’ in Iran so any efforts to stifle voting will be to maintain TPTB (grand potentates)!

Vote-Splitting and Run-Off:
Mehdi Karoubi’s candidacy serves as a distraction to split votes for reforming Iranian policy making a first round victory by Ahmadinejad (pronounced- Ima Nutjob) possible and crucial if he is to win-again. Persian people can see ‘thru the veil’ and value life more than death, dialogue more than despair and peaceful coexistence.

TPTB are content to cast the spell of blame on anyone, they deem ‘less worthy' (aka infidel), as the reason for Iran’s problems. Perhaps they realize they are in denial since many voters are aware of their schemes to demonize and distract. If reform is to have a prayer, fear must be conquered by faith so the seeds of true representative government can grow and take root. That would be an Historic event! Pray for Peace.
“In A Perfect World war would not be taught or practiced…”
– Folklight –


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