An Adoring Press shows signs of Dissent

(image from Dakota Voice)

While Gov Sara Palin was preaching, a ‘We told you so’ mantra, to the choir on the ‘mockers gone wild’ nightly offering that is the Hannity show, cracks appeared in the edifice of Left Wing media support for President Obama. An editorial from SF Gate bluntly declared President and the Press should get a room.

In a piece titled "Love or lust, Obama and the fawning press need to get a room" Phil Bronstein goes on makes an obvious admission...
"This guy is good. Really good. And, frankly, so far, we're not.

I would point to that as an understatment (to say the least).

The fact it was said publicly at all, setting aside the double-entendre, illustrates the far left recognizes arrogance and condescension. Bronstein goes on to say,
When Barack Obama decided that questions from the German press about his trip agenda in that country were too pesky, he told the reporters, "So, stop it all of you!" He just wanted them to ask things he wanted to talk about.
This Pew Research Center Study Agrees

Despite MSM outlets attempts to spin it the German press gets it.
For Palin to ‘preach’, a We told ya so mantra, on the Hannity show will neither help nor hurt her. The vast majority who would tune in to absorb ‘mockers gone wild’ voted for the Republicrats. Most who vote for Demogogues would have to be threatened with waterboarding to immerse themselves in what SH delivers nor would they vote against the socialist leftists that now run DC. The only message that would sway voters has to appear from moderate Dems who actually have courage to say the truth… ‘The Emperor has no clothes’. It may soon develop.


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