Clashing Cultures

In a different type of culture clash,
Americans are in the midst of a revolution.

Not the shooting kind but an ideological struggle.

Do we maintain societal norms (i.e. ideals) or to cast them off,
embracing a "laissez-faire" approach towards sexual expression.

I believe the latter would open a Pandora’s Box exposing
our children to various ‘lifestyle choices’ prior to an ability
to process or understand the ramifications of said lifestyle.

Kids observe and will ask questions to learn, but forcing this
on them in grade school makes as much sense as trying to teach
them how to drive before they mature. What’s the agenda?

It is clear we have ample gender confusion, no more is needed.

Are cars more important than their mind and body?
Simply stated, it’s an adult lifestyle choice, let kids be kids.

Given the all too typical programming on TV these 'daze', there
is more than enough exposure to sex present. This has been the norm for years with a consequence of such 'entertainment' being lust.
For children who are still working out how to socially behave and interact, this is a dangerous distraction with real potential to damage their psyche.

The push back has begun, while many gay advocates claim it's a right, I believe the majority see marriage as a privilidge licensed by the state. This 'struggle', in California, is peaking and will become an issue in coming elections.

Opponents of California prop 8 have been put on notice;
the courts will not interfere with the legislative process.

Many worried and wondered if the state judiciary would
overturn the will of the voting majority by striking down
the initiative to amend the state constitution to recognize
Only marriages between a man and a woman as legal.

Also in question was the status of same-sex couples married
prior to the election as well as those who married after it.

The court ruled that those marriages performed after it struck down state statutes limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples.......
“but prior to the effective date of Proposition 8 remain valid.”

PDF of ruling is here:
The zeitgeist seeking 'education' of young children in the mechanics of sexual behavior are neither benevolent or protective. The Law may be blind but kids are not! Returning daytime TV to a G rating would be more beneficial.

Labeling those who 'dissent' as homophobic is implicitly counterproductive.

Homophobia: Noun
The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language:
Fourth Edition. 2000

1) homophobia.
…Fear of or contempt for lesbians and gay men.
2. Behavior based on such a feeling.

Sorry but we have not been given the ability, power or right to judge anothers motives. Therefore stating their motives as facts, you declare your own contempt.

People are free to make lifestyle choices, within the law, and can expect to inherit the fallout (consequence) inherent within said choice.

I can hear you saying ‘it’s not a choice to be gay’, therein is the conundrum. People are free (independent) to ‘choose’ their ideals.

Our nation is upheld by it’s ideals in governance, philosophy etc.
When those ideals are challenged it is threatening the core of our national fabric. That is why issues such as prop 8 have been and will be rejected. It is not a personal rejection per say. It is rather a rejection of attempts to legislate national ideals into existence against a majority opinion.


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