What is 'The War on Terror' ?!?

A Culture of Death driving the world off a cliff ?!?

by Roger W. Gardner

The Global War on Terror. Why does the very name we have chosen for this monumental global conflict contain the seeds of our coming failure? The answer is simple. The name itself is prima facie evidence of our inability, or our adamant refusal, to face the hard truth about the real nature of this war. It is yet another example of our willful ignorance and our moral cowardice. Who are we fighting? Who are our enemies? Are we fighting some mysterious group of anonymous terrorists? Who has declared war against us, against the entire Judeo/Christian West? And finally, if we are afraid to even mention the name of our sworn enemy, how on earth can we ever expect to win this bloody war? - Read the Rest:


Jihadist globally have met little resistance in their self declared 'war' via a much dreaded 'ism! As my guitar gently weeps these forces are pushing a coup in Egypt that would leave power in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. The leftist media types are trying to paint them as a democratic force and 'Pharaoh Bo of Chicago' seems to be choosing sides! Given UN protection againt criticism of Islam Inc. the B' Hood thugs will be shielded. Whether this will be a Sunni counter weight to Iran is anyones guess!


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