Democracy in Honduras - Update

Exiled Honduran President Manuel Zelaya is losing momentum in his attempt to regain credibility and position. In an interview with The Associated Press Foreign Minister Carlos Lopez clearly believes the nation’s interim government will outlast Zelaya. He said Zelaya will begin to be relevant as campaigning for elections begins and noted that even the candidate for Zelaya's own party does not support the ousted president any longer. "There will be a totally different context and once the campaigns begin, the obsession with Mr. Zelaya will start fading," Lopez said.

"The people are united and are willing to weather the five months until the elections," Lopez said. He was optimistic that other nations would recognize election results as legitimate. "Of course it will be recognized. There is no sense in talking about it not being recognized". Lopez held firm on refusing to permit Zelaya to return although Congress will debate the question of amnesty, part of a proposal by mediator President Oscar Arias of Costa Rica. Zelaya could be arrested if he returns to Honduras on charges of violating the constitution by ignoring a Supreme Court ruling concerning strict term limits. Congress voted to remove him from office unanimously. Zelaya complained that international mediation efforts to force his return have flagged. He accused the United States — Honduras' largest source of development aid and its biggest trade partner — of not being forceful enough against Micheletti, who has ignored sanctions threats and U.N. demands that Zelaya be reinstated. Interim President Micheletti has indicated he would be willing to resign in favor of a compromise but not Zelaya. U.S. State Department spokesman Ian Kelly urged Zelaya to be patient and give negotiations more time. Interview on current events HERE:

It is apparent however that time is running out on Zelaya.

This whole charade illustrates the leftist disdain for constitutional (republic) government that places limits on elected office holder’s power (i.e. consent of the governed)...
It is quickly becoming THE issue here in USA as well. The elitist's are using leftist ideology globally to further solidify their power. {Can you say Obamacare or Cap and Trade (TAX))

The Democrats have used government, for decades, to grow their party which in turn has grown government. Those who love liberty resist and awaken those lost in consumerisms coma.


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