Democracy Draws a Line in Honduras

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Violent clashes erupted Sunday between Honduran troops and the supporters of ousted President Manuel Zelaya as the military began moving trucks into position to prevent a plane carrying Zelaya from landing. Police reported 2 deaths.

Following the attempted landing by Zelaya; Honduran interim President Roberto Micheltti accused Nicaragua of massing troops on their mutual border. Micheletti also urged President Daniel Ortega to respect Honduran sovereignty.

The Interim Government reported it had contacted the OAS to express it’s willingness for discussions following their earlier suspension from the group.

Curfews have been imposed at night and media blackouts have been reported as Honduras, one of Latin America’s poorest countries, struggles to deal with the freezing of millions of US dollars of international aid. Regional trade blockades and recalls of foreign ambassadors have also had an impact.

To get a focused picture of what is brewing in Central America one must look beyond the media posturing and bias. To gather as many facts as possible requires various sources and strategies. I have linked to and embedded some. Following some study, compile a set of questions and in seeking answers you will discover truth and gain understanding far beyond what is sold as news today.

Latin America expert and professor of Political Warfare at the Institute for World Politics Mike Waller gives an update on the situation in Honduras. Dr. Waller is the Center's Vice President for Information Operations. For an introduction to Political Warfare, see Dr. Waller's primer HERE:

Honduras Factbook:

Nicaragua Factbook:

Venezuela Factbook:
Was this "ousting" in Honduras a "coup" or Impeachment?

Why would President Obama side with Leftists Ortega and Chavez? Enquiring Minds want to know...


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