California Will Kill Obamanomics

The “script” that is playing out in California is merely a shadow of what transpires daily in DC - “District of Corruptiom” where we see two different political parties headed in the same direction. The only difference is the speed; as they both daily offer expensive government programs for every perceived need.

After years of playing this charade called “pass the buck” power thirsty politicans, instead of paying for what we truly need, now are reaping the proverbial whirlwind. We're trapped in the cellar

California politicians have wallowed in an orgy of spending but they are a poor imitation of the porkers based in Washington. Yes California’s deficit this year is over $26 billion and IOU’s are being printed (3 Billion in July). These numbers pale in comparison however to the federal deficit which will be nearly 70 times larger.

Obama's administration is the most fiscally irresponsible in the history of the U.S., he has no shame, and seems willing to cast aside any semblance of reason altogether to reach his political goals. This scenario has "right" minded Democrats in DC nervous because they know BO is betting the house on Healthcare. If his plan passes, then they likely end up paying for it with federal slips of paper worth less than California’s. The volume of publicity emanating from the California debacle almost assures a resounding defeat of socialized medicine. What makes anyone think we can continue to issue printed IOU’s as promise of payment for more “Dirty Paper”!?!?!

This deepening economic cri$i$ is all about Power not money as our currency is now worth less than the paper it's printed on.

Tis an Obamanightmare...

Another brick in the wall along The Road to Serfdom...


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